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And I think I was 12 or 13 when I finally did anal. Like I said, taking it up the booty was not something I was really fond of. But giving head, yes. I lived for it. But actually I was never too fond of booty sex either. I was really scared to do it. I had a lot of insecurities.

The normal things. But sucking cock is really your forte. Who was the first cock you ever sucked? I was a big fan of sleepovers. No, no no. They loved it. At the age of 15 there were a lot of little gangster boys in the neighborhood, and every one of them I charged for head. Where does the insecurity start to play into it? Was it your looks? I just thought of it as playing around and having fun. After that point I always felt out of place in so many ways.

I was a strange kid. What kind of things were you into? I was actually into paganism. I also wanted to do acting but I had stage fright. Actually the second time I was going to do a show it was in Las Vegas with TitanMen and I walked out to the center spot in the stage and then kept walking till I got back behind the stage. But now I do everything on stage. No problem. I was pretty Christian as a kid. But I was always questioning things. Your life is shit because you make it that way. So instead of someone being up there, far away, in control, I was in control. I would make my life.

It was a way to give me confidence.

From beginning a blowjob to the end, what is going through your head? How tasty it is. I just savor it. I love changing up things and taking it all in and being gentle, pretty much just worshipping it. I love to travel. I live in Madrid. I love it. Basically what I do now is travel and work. Basically you can do whatever you want to.

You can have sex on terraces and people might actually applaud. You can be yourself. Anything goes. Then maybe a little siesta, and then go to work around five in the afternoon on Stag Homme. Breakdown the workload at Stag Homme for me. How much is shooting and how much is planning? Shooting we only do a minimum of two times a month, maximum is four times a month. We only have two updates a month. So is your business model essentially take it slow, build it up, focus more on quality rather than quantity?

And 30 Loads of Facial , which is based on that anonymous thing is definitely the most successful. I was reading about a porn shoot with this Armond Rizzo guy. He not only took two loads from his costars, but the cameraman schtupped him too. We often talk about some actors or their representative's coming on these sites.

Have you ever thought for a moment that if that even happ pened,that porn actors may read this? Hearing they are whores is one thing. Talking about slow suicides and wondering why they are still alive WTF. Who are worse. The people who live their fantasy, even if there is load after load. Or those who beat off to it and then say it was horrible afterwards?

Sanctimonious hypocrites and no I am not a porn actor,just someone who didn't think we lived in Salem anymore. Some posters here maybe they're trolls are some of the biggest church ladies I ever seen, especially for gay mean. Judgmental, condescending, wishing the absolute worst on people who lead a sexually promiscuous life. I picture them living in homes where everything is "just so," very fussy, nasty pieces of work. I'd much rather know some of the whores discussed here, than the dried-up sex-negative cunts who are always posting about the dire consequences of leading a sexually liberated life.

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Porn stars do it, so that we don't have to. I would love to turn my hole up to every cock in Lower Manhattan and gobble up the loads like a starving orphan from Darphur with my hole and my throat, but I can't. So porn stars do it for me. And for that I will always be grateful.

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I can't watch bareback porn without thinking was the load they're taking in the video the lethal injection. I presume any guys in US bareback porn are already positive. I think their status actually makes them more likely to do porn. They do tests of the actors there are 20 minute tests to verify both are negative before doing the scene.

Gay porn doesn't have a standard testing scheme like straight porn. Some studios test, some don't. R, never said it did, idiot. Are you stupid, or can you just not comprehend simple English sentences? Some companies test reply but not all do or just rely on test results provided by the performer. That is different! You are not partaking in porn, just watching it.

You are allowed to judge others, if you're not a slut. Perhaps you should take a writing course. Make sure to pick one in Basic English rather than Creative Writing. R, perhaps you should learn to infer rather than requiring everyone spoon-fed everything to you like a baby. You have a brain. Fucking use it. I'll promise to learn if you promise to not move the goalposts.

Who''s the Biggest Whore in gay porn?I

Or is that too metaphorical a phrase? Cum slut Mike Dozer and Race Cooper are fighting about bareback porn on twitter. I'm old enough to remember when appearing in porn was about as underground as you can get. The idea that Al Parker would be on Twitter selling his dildo or asking people to buy him something off his Amazon wish list is laughable to me. The 'celebratization' of these people amuses me no end. What does the BBH mean on some guys twitter profiles?

I wasn't around but from the Jack Wrangler doc, it seems there were porn celebrities back then. He did live shows and non-porn theatre shows. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Who''s the Biggest Whore in gay porn? I If you had to name someone as gay porn's biggest whore, who would it be? Kurt Wild.

Rod Daily owns this thread. Damien Crosse, the Cuban guy who co-owns Staggholmes studios with his bf, what's his name. Jeff Palmer. Is he still alive? That's like asking who is the biggest pervert in the roman catholic priesthood. They all have sex for money: A whore is a whore is a whore. Yeah, Blu Kennedy is definitely a whore. Devin is making his whore mark lately, for sure. I'm still here! Look who's here!

Shake that Ass! Little Whorelina! He's a butterfaced midget. Yes, Dawson R We saw you earlier at R12 and R How is Dawson not dead yet? Is Zeb Atlas a whore, or just a gay-for-pay cock tease? I hope Zeb Atlas bottoms someday, especially for someone relatively small like Tucker Scott.

Blake Harper. I almost forgot about Blake Harper, total bisexual slag on and off screen. Sean Storm. Blake Harper having kinky straight sex with two women. Have any porn stars managed to get back into mainstream porn after doing bareback on video? R 40 R 41 Seems to me I just saw a item somewhere that Mason Wyler has recently come out as positive.

Plenty of guys like that who worked bareback for Jake Cruise. How do we know Leo Giamani "crashed and burned"? I did some looking around about Blake's bisex film, and sadly he does come across as bisexual. Mason Wyler just tested positive, right? That doesn't make Blake Harper bisexually oriented nor heterosexually oriented.

He is still the same, gay-oriented Blake Harper he has always claimed to be. Give him a fucking break, he's happily, credibly GAY. Hyperbole much? It wasn't a meltdown, he was just whining for more porn work because of the lousy economy. He didn't leave the gay porn industry, he still gets work. He is gay you freak let it go and move on pantystain. Most of what he has made doing porn and whoring has gone up his nose and to drug dealers. I think we need a new thread on the scandalous potential bisexuality of Blake Harper. Blake and Colton seemed so happy together. I can't get past his icing on his cakes.

My thread does not exist. Huelo la esperanza!

Most gay men don't, the ones that do are bisexual, just like Blake Harper was. You're an idiot that doesn't get out much R Why did the Mason Wyler thread get closed? You seem to think that bisexuality is necessarily an orientation -- it's NOT. They may be technically bisexual, but they're still gay-oriented and proudly identify as such. Too bad nobody wants to see your skanky ass in porn!

Jake Lyons, of course. Jack Wrangler was either bi or gay 4 pay was married for a long time. Why would these chicks want to get involved with a bi guy, knowing it's headed for disaster? Dream on, r Because, r94, it might make you more visible and help your career. Both Jason Ridge and Logan Reed did bi-films and neither look like they were enjoying it at all.

Why are you all talking about Blake Harper who has been out of porn for ten years or so? Without any doubt it's Luke Cross. Dear r19, Jason Sechrest doesn't "claim to be bi" because of assholes like you. He has plenty of mansex and Liza Minnelli impersonations to constitute a "gay. He's not a porn star, so why did you even bring him up? Jake Lyons, definitely.

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Is it Friday yet? I love the whore threads. Sascha Chakin of Bel Ami - he has become a cum slut. I love Jake Lyons. He's on the way to becoming one of the best bottoms of this generation. R, which one is he? Did we forget about Johnny? Maybe he isn't whorish enough.

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That should be easy. Just go to Hells's Kitchen, and see which one overruns you. Here, R Johnny really CAN"T dance. About Blake Harper shooting his straight scenes in Jason Curious: Voyeur's Log More: Johnny Rapid is a young clean-cut innocent looking kid who has done more gag-bang-bottom, rape-scenes, and double-penetration scenes in one year than most porn stars do in a life time: Another pic of Johnny Rapid servicing four men: Johnny Rapid says he is gay 4 pay.

Blake Harper is fugly. He was hot, but if he is bi then Two out of the four men in that pic at r are obviously twins. Do we know their names? Oh yeah, he does do some scenes where he tops, but those are a minority and less believable. Being in porn makes you a whore from the get go! Damien Crosse. As nasty as they come. Damien getting a facefull of piss.

How do you know Eric from EricVideos is retired? He was imagining it was a fisherman's ass. What do we know about Johnny Rapid? He is scrumptious. The Rosso Twins live in Austin. And one of them advertises on Men4RentNow.

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Johnny rapid is the biggest gay porn whore. To me the marketing image of Gay4Pay makes one a bigger whore than an openly gay porn performer. Dirk Diggler. I haven't seen Marc Dylan in anything new lately though r Johnny Rapid is the biggest little whore. Marc Dylan is probably filming a bunch of new scenes lol Chad Brock belongs in there somewhere,he's been doing bareback for awhile now. Marc Dylan. Agree with you. Paragraphs are your friend, Jarad. Paragraphs are indeed my friend.

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This formatting, however, is not. Perhaps doing separate lines will work? Colton Ford said Blake was bi on his twitter feed late last year. Johnny Rapid is a great whore.

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He's supposed to have a gf and kids believe it or not. Does anyone know his real name? I believe it's Jonathan Velocitary, R R2 Rod Daily just admitted he's hiv positive. I guess you win. They're ALL whores, darlin'. I've watched him commute on the High-speed line from philly. If approved you will receive a password in your email. Gold Membership is special membership plan that appear before the Basic profiles in all searches and is featured on RentMen's home page. DamienXrosse is not a RentMen Sponsor.

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The verification doesn't guarantee that the person on the profile photos is the same in person. I do what I enjoy and I pretty much enjoy it all.. My goal is not only to have a great time myself, but most importantly serve you a hot adventure of a meeting that you hopefully won't be forgetting anytime soon. Be it a rough and hard adventure or a sweet and tender one, its all the same to me DamienXrosse London, United Kingdom. Last on: Contact Me.

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