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According to several NGOs working with male escorts, thousands of men such as Hassan and Fouad have turned to prostitution in Beirut, offering everything from sexual favours to simple company to their clients.


Clients tend to be wealthy middle-aged men from Lebanon, Turkey, the Gulf states and as far away as North Africa. Some became escorts after arriving from a country torn apart by war, having nowhere to turn; others found themselves with bills to pay and children to feed with no chance of employment.


The fact that one can anonymously use gay social networks such as Grindr or Manjam to meet clients in a matter of minutes - or look for potential ones in Beirut's gay bars, clubs or hammams - makes it easier for these male prostitutes to stay safe and to keep their job a secret. Despite homosexual activity being illegal in Lebanon, Beirut is widely regarded as the safest place for homosexuals in the Middle East. Police rarely raid the hammams and nightclubs - since their owners pay good money to avoid crack downs.

The world-famous Lebanese band Mashrou Leila has an openly gay singer. And the younger generations tend to be more much more open-minded about sexual preferences than the older ones.

This perceived safe haven is well known in the region, and has since made Beirut the go-to destination for Middle Eastern tourists wanting to express their sexuality more freely. Before the violence and instability in Lebanon turned them away, w ealthy gay men from the Gulf countries were especially prominent, ready to pay up to a few thousand dollars - in cash, jewellery or designer clothes - for a night with an escort. But such high prices are by no means the norm. But even at this low price, many Syrian refugees in Lebanon choose this option, given the alternative: Syrian war's effect.

That is because many of the 1. In , a study by the RAND Corporation showed among Lebanese and Syrian sex workers, about 40 percent and 68 percent, respectively, defined themselves as heterosexual. Since the Geneva II peace conference is showing little progress and the Syrian war rages on, poverty-stricken Syrians in Beirut have little chance to see their future improve any time soon. With many tourists avoiding Lebanon because of political unrest, the escorts may soon find themselves running short of clients. Hassan does not know what will happen then.

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When I started at the hammam , I was certain it could not get worse. Now, I do not know what to expect. A version of this story was originally published by Transterra Media. Many Pentecostal churches in the Niger Delta offer to deliver people from witchcraft and possession - albeit for a fee. Since March , Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab states have launched more than 19, air raids across Yemen.

No, it wasn't because of WMDs, democracy or Iraqi oil. The real reason is much more sinister than that. Toggle navigation. Male prostitution on the rise in Lebanon World's oldest profession the only option in Beirut for some refugee and undocumented migrant men. Have your say. Give us feedback. Sign up for our Newsletter. Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. Trump on North Korea: You mean only one tattood in this row pics!

Gay and straight, tattoos are growing like fungus. My lover Romanian loved to have unpaid sex with me. Or maybe my cooking did it…?

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All of his co-workers are Syrian as well and offer the same kind of services. Gallo explains: Richard 55 I have never known any man to refuse a neck massage. You are most likely the proto-typical, rough-trade-looking, biker-bar-with-leather-chaps with a huge, thick stache got the visual image? Some hot men in the mix and the second guy, the muscle man, is a longtime porn star in those Czech or Hungarian films.

Jonathonz Arconcyyon: Stache99 Jonathonz: Stache99 jockjack5: Alan down in Florida dhmonarch Arconcyyon Whom jonathonz whom nema! I still have a brochure of boys, and they could be ordered like pizza for different prices: Dear Moustache Man, I guess you still bear an animus towards me over my muscle-boy comments.

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I had nothing to do with that though but I did enjoy it: Maude Following is an excerpt from a letter sent to me from a friend……. But some people like that I guess. The muscle dudes are sexy especially if they are submissive. Sad and tragic.

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What a grim series of images. My heart goes out to them. Kangol Some hot men in the mix and the second guy, the muscle man, is a longtime porn star in those Czech or Hungarian films. Stache99 jwtraveler: McShane jockjack5 and Stach99, agreeing to disagree? Clark35 grrrrandy: Merv Amsterdam is refreshingly tattoo-free I counted only one guy.

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